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Choosing an Kazempour Oriental rug for your home or office need not be a challenge. If possible, we suggest you select the rug first, then match a rug to the fabrics and wallpaper. We suggest viewing every type of rug within your budget. You will be amazed at some of the new decorative and fashionable rugs now available. 

When shopping to replace a rug in an already decorated room, you should take several color and fabric samples with you. Don't get discouraged if you are having problems finding a rug to blend in with your decor. We suggest you look at the Bijars and Indo Agra or Pakistani Chobies. For some reason these rug designs and colors tend to work with many fabrics. Don't feel that you must limit 
yourself to a simple design rug. You may be very surprised how well an intricate design rug will work in your design scheme. You might want to try our Antique reproductions that have hand spun wool and vegetable dyes at very reasonable prices.

Be sure that the rug you are considering can be centered in your room. If you purchase a medallion rug, it should be somewhat evenly centered. The medallion should flow with the furniture and stationary items such as doors, fireplaces and windows. If there is a centering problem in the room, a rug without a medallion should be considered, allowing you to place the rug and furniture any way you desire. We have lots of rugs with all over design.

If you are having difficulty selecting a rug, an interior designer can be very helpful. Some designers are very adept at placing an Oriental rug into an already decorated room. They can also help you plan and budget your entire decorating project. When selecting a designer ask your family, friends or just call us for recommendations. 




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